About us

We are pleased to invite you to cooperate in the supply of geosynthetic materials applicable in all areas of construction

Our activities are based on reliable and stable foundations, precise technical solutions and providing the right products that meet your expectations. As a production company, we have the ability to adapt the material to the conditions prevailing at the construction site.


The range includes:


Elements created using high density polyethylene, having application in road construction, soil stabilization and anti-erosion protection of slopes, river banks, landfills.



We distinguish between polypropylene and polyester woven geotextile fabrics used for soil separation, filtration, and stabilisation.


Lawn edges

An alternative to massive and expensive concrete palisades and unstable wooden fences. Allows to arrange area around the house and garden in an aesthetic and practical way.


In addition, we distribute other groups of geosynthetics: geogrids, geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites, biodegrediation materials, bentomats, geomembranes.


We invite to cooperation all contracting companies, building wholesalers and distributors who are interested in introducing our product range for general sales throughout the country. We provide stable, safe and long-term cooperation on partner commercial terms. We believe that the trust given to us in the form of cooperation opportunities with your company will be quickly converted into measurable benefits.