Lawn edges AT BORD

AT BORD lawn edge is an alternative to massive and expensive concrete palisades and unstable wooden fences. It enables aesthetic and practical land planning. By using AT BORD, you can create closed systems that allow you to freely shape the area around the house and garden.


  • The product is resistant to changing weather conditions
  • The lack of wavy edge allows you to create any and refined arrangements of landscape architecture
  • Keeps water and fertilizers around the roots of plants
  • Makes grass cutting easier
  • Easy and quick assembly (no additional mounting elements (e.g. anchors)
  • Environmentally safe material
  • No need to carry out wide excavations, which significantly reduces the cost and duration of work


  • Strengthening flower beds
  • Lawn strengthening
  • Separating gravel paths from garden plants in the garden or park
  • Separation of mulching materials (grit, bark, gravel)
  • Prevents root growth