Forest road at Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski Forest District, Potoczek Forestry – Okół region


Construction of forest road No. 28 from crushed stone along with reconstruction of existing exits in the Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski Forest District, Potoczek Forestry – Okół region

The project assumed the execution of construction works consisting in the construction of forest road No. 28 together with the reconstruction of the existing exits for district road 0755T. The road structure assumes the transfer of loads from vehicles involved in forest transport and allows access to special vehicles in the event of a fire hazard. The description of the proposed solutions included the construction of a 3.5m wide roadway made of mechanically stabilized crushed aggregate 0 / 31.5mm and 0 / 63mm and AT CELL geocells together with ALTEX AT geotextile.

The use of the ALTEX AT geocell system has allowed the soil load capacity to be improved over a road section at km 0 + 600.00 to km 1 + 890.00. The set of tapes connected by ultrasonic welding of a specific height is a system resembling the structure of the so-called honeycomb, which after filling with aggregate and thickening improves the mechanical parameters of aggregate trapped inside the cells. The aggregate filling the cells is blocked by the walls of the system, thanks to which they gain better compaction. In addition, the aggregate wedging process is observed, which has a positive effect on the internal friction angle of the backfill.

Properly compacted backfill together with the ALTEX AT geocell system prevents uneven settlement and reduces vertical forces. Thanks to this, the thickness of the structural layer of the foundation is appropriately modified.

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