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Grass surface and fire-fighting road Warsaw - AG Geosynthetics

Grass surface and fire-fighting road Warsaw


The construction of a grass surface and soil stabilization under a fire-fighting road at Powązkowska street in Warsaw

The scope of construction works included the construction of a fire road with a grass surface and stabilization of the ground for the road in the area of ​​a complex of residential buildings.

In order to strengthen and stabilize the soil under the road, the surface was strengthened using a 10 cm high AT CELL 004.100 geocell laid on ALTEX AT filter or separation nonwoven geotextile. The applied design solution reduces and equalizes the degree of vertical stress in the ground as a result of their dispersion, and as a consequence protects the road structure against local excessive and uneven settlement.

The technical design assumed surface soil reinforcement using the AT CELL 016.050 geocell with 16 x 16 cm cells and 5.0 cm height. The cell geogrid space was filled with a mixture of plant soil and sand. Mechanically stabilized, it was a proper protection of grass surface against rutting.

The use of the AT CELL geocell system in the construction of fire roads allows the reduction of road foundation layers as well as the maintenance and stabilization of the ground. A properly compacted backfill together with a geocell system prevents uneven subsidence of the ground, stabilizes individual soil layers and strengthens the layers of the road pavement structure.

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