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Solar power plant Ustronie Morskie - AG Geosynthetics

Solar power plant Ustronie Morskie


Construction of solar power plant from photovoltaic cells together with the necessary technical infrastructure in the area of ​​the closed landfill, Ustronie Morskie

Construction of a photovoltaic farm in a closed dump in the municipality of Ustronie Morskie is the first project of this kind in Poland to be built in reclaimed land.

The area should be undeveloped for nearly 50 years after the closure of the dumpsters. However, if the ground is properly prepared, backfilled and safety requirements are met, the former landfill can be reclaimed. In order to strengthen and stabilize the soil for the cells, AT CELL cell geogrids, 10 cm high, applied on the ALTEX AT filtration and separation geotextile made of polypropylene fibers with a basis weight of 200g / m2. The applied design solution reduces and equalizes the degree of vertical stress in the ground as a result of their dispersion, and as a consequence protects the road structure against local excessive and uneven settlement.

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